January / 2013

Stanley 2013Hi,
I’m Stanley! I am 9 years old and I love playing with my sister and brother, my legos, army men and my totally awesome family. Skylar and I love to ride our dirt bikes together and take walks in the big neighborhood. Sebastian and I love to play cars, legos, video games, and climb trees. My family is really cool.

This past year I have been really busy, mostly with CF. I had 2 lung infections so I wasn’t able to have time to do my normal things. I had alot of therapy and extra meds. Not everyone understands what I need to do to stay healthy, especially school. It’s ok though. I know I still try really hard to do my best.

Well, what I love about CF is the walk party! It is so much fun. I get to see all my family and friends and we walk together in NYC. I also do lots of cool things with Lonnie at CBS and Boomer. Have you seen the PSA on tv? It’s so cool! My Aunty Dani also has this workout class in a park in Hoboken. Pilates! It is really hard but lots of fun. You must come!
I hope to see you in New York City.