Spring 2014

Stanley 2014Hi everyone,

I am 10 years old and I’m in 4th grade. My favorite things are my legos, Percy Jackson and totally awesome family. I love family nights on Friday when we go to dinner or just chill and watch movies and eat popcorn. My family is the best.

At my new school Saint Leo, I do alot of cool stuff. I play basketball and read awesome books about Percy Jackson, Harry Potter and lots more. We also have fun school days where we dress up like Harry Potter and eat fingers and bugs at lunch. I’m really happy with my new school and have met a lot of nice friends. The teachers are really cool too.

I have CF. It makes me really busy. I take lots of meds and do lots of treatments everyday. It takes a long time but I know it makes me feel better. I had my first PICC line and it lasted THREE WEEKS! It felt like forever but after three weeks I was very happy. I even got to see the picc line when my nurse pulled it out of my arm. It looked pretty cool like a long bloody thin snake.

The best thing about CF is the walk party in June in NYC. I also do a PSA every year with my friends Lonnie & Boomer. I really like hanging with them and talking about CF. Another cool thing is my Aunty Dani’s Pilates in the Park Event in Hoboken. We all do this really hard class in the park but it’s lots of fun. After the class, we even hang out and listen to music with all our friends. Come!

Well, catch you later. I hope to see you in New York City at the walk party or at my Aunti Dani’s event in Hoboken!