I am in 6th grade and love to play lots of basketball. My sister, Skylar-Rose is in 4th grade and my brother, Sebastian, is in Kindergarten. We do a lot of great things with my family and go on exciting trips. My family is really cool.

I have CF. Taking care of my disease takes a lot of time from my day, which is a drag, but I don’t have a choice if I want to stay healthy. I need to take alot of medicines and do breathing treatments several times every day. It’s a lot to do but I find the time and still have fun with my life.

For over the past eleven years, my family has been working really hard to cure CF. They are constantly talking with Doctors about new therapies and meeting with the CF Foundation to raise money and awareness for my disease. There are two big events my family runs every year to raise this money and awareness. One event is the BREATHE WHITE event, which is a fun cocktail party with adults during the winter time. The other event, which I really love, is the GREAT STRIDES WALK in NYC after Memorial Day weekend. Lots of my friends come to the city for this walk and we all walk through the city together. It’s a lot of fun.  Hopefully I will see you there this year.

I’m really lucky to have such great family & friends.

Thank you for all your help!

Love, Stanley